Our Services

1.   Accommodation

SA Living Solutions supplies safe, monitored homes with 24/7 support and care for people with disabilities or co morbid presentations.

2.   Behaviour Support

A constructive and highly structured approach to ‘rewiring’ the brain to positively cope with and respond to situations.

3.   Support Coordination

Helping you implement your NDIS Plans and connect you with the appropriate service providers.

4.   Life Skills Development

From basic tasks such as tidying a bedroom through to personal hygiene and cooking. All aimed at preparing the young person to ultimately become an independent member of society.

5.   Community Participation Programs

We specialise in supporting young men with behavioural problems to safely and positively connect with the community through a range of initiatives.

These programs are designed to prepare our young men for the workforce and social integration, and include:

  • TAFE Transition to work program, focused on numeracy and literacy skills, but evolving into certificate courses aimed at being a springboard into more structured employment
  • Micro-enterprises where our young men creatively develop revenue earning streams
  • Group sessions and camps that encourage social interaction.
  • Personal training
  • Cooking
  • IT
  • Animal rescue

6.   Life-Stage Transition Assistance

From the most basic skills of money management and shopping, this program promotes independent living and develops skills for young men to become more emotionally mature.

7.   Wrap around therapeutic support

A clearly defined model focused on evidence and relationship based support, with access to a Psychiatrist, Psychologists, a Clinical Social Worker, a Developmental Educator and a Support Coordinator.

8. Employment support

Through our extensive contacts in the business community we can support young men to find work via a structured and supported process.